Thursday, June 15, 2017

Drowning in Debts , Drowning in Sea Rise : something is not right with our world

 Imagine Hope : Green Hope

If Nature was a credit card, we humans have overdrawn on it, way well pasts its limits.

Just as many of us have done on our actual credit cards.

But you cant hardly say that we are either happy now or hopeful for the tomrrows we will share with our kids & grandkids.

Something has gone badly wrong with The Enlightenment Project.

Now, try to imagine hope : a Green hope.

A hope that all depends on us humans actually honoring two time-worn words of wisdom we usually only honor in the breach.

'Never put all your golden eggs in one basket' AND 'never kill all the golden geese that lay those golden eggs'.

For a secure future, the normally rapicious financial world reminds us to have a diverse portfolio, to never bet the farm on just one stock, never put all your retirement eggs in just one basket.

Pity they never themselves show any diversity in their management personnel or board of directors !

To secure a human future on planet earth, we need the widest possible diversity in Mother Nature and in human society : a world and a society where the natural and human ninety and the nine count as much as the one.

But we humans, with the one well out front of the ninety and nine, are not protecting diversity to protect our future security.

No, instead  Mother Nature & Humanity's ninety and the nine are being slowly starved out of existence to feed the ever expanding wants of the one percent.

We are killing Mother Nature's wonderful diversity of golden geese, all to more quickly access her golden eggs.

We are starving off and ignoring off Humanity's diversity --- that wonderful fecundity of the human imagination and ingenuity we so desperately need right now to secure the answers to our grave problems : seven billion heads - the ninety and the nie - are always better than one head, the heads of the one percent, when it comes to solving problems.

Frugality is always prudent, it is always prudent to leave some food for others on the table, in order to protect the diversity of golden geese that gives us all those wonderful golden eggs.

Greens aren't one of "those parties that give you things", those parties that always promise you more and more material things, more and more debt, more and more global degradation, at each election.

Frugality's respect for diversity to protect our security is bred deep in the Greens' bones : offering us up hope for the future ; green Hope ... 

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