Monday, June 26, 2017

GPNS badly needs a victory : because the last one was back in 2004

This is a reprint of an old report, given by NS GPC rep, Sheila Richardson, to the federal Green Party back in 2004, about the provincial Greens' surprise victory in defeating the Sunday Shopping referendum:

"Nova Scotia Greens like to be first.

 In the June 2004 (federal) election, Nova Scotia was the first province to have a full slate of candidates officially nominated on the ballot.

 Then it was the first to file all its returns to Elections Canada.

 And now Nova Scotia Greens want their own party!

NS Provincial representative Sheila G. Richardson tells us that her province “is currently organizing meetings to form a provincial party which could be ready for an expected Spring election, in 2005.”

 Interim provincial party leader Michael Oddy revealed his innovative thinking when he wrote that “NS Greens intend to get 25 signatures each from every riding, as part of the process of finding people to form 52 local riding associations and of recruiting 52 provincial candidates in the next e l e c t i o n . ”

 Oddy has become a celebrity during the recent municipal elections in Nova Scotia. Believe it or not, this province is the “last” North American jurisdiction where Sunday shopping is not allowed.

 A referendum organized as part of the recent province-wide municipal election might have changed this, but Oddy's passionate statements convinced voters “to vote no and keep Nova Scotia from becoming just another community dedicated to consumerism 24/7,” according to NS GPC organizer Michael Marshall.

This first political victory by the Nova Scotia Greens augurs well for the future ... Will Nova Scotia be the first province to elect a Green?"

------- S. Richardson, Nova Scotia (GPC) rep.

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