Thursday, June 8, 2017

Lets FREE enterprise : pass a "Right to Repair" bill Premier McNeil !

Given that our Premier was himself a former independent repairman, I can't understand why Nova Scotia, of all provinces in Canada, does nor have a Right to Repair Act, as do an increasing number of American states.

So strong is the movement in the US, that Apple announced it would let independent, dec-centralized repair centres fix its broken screens --- trying to get ahead of public opinion on this usse.

To me, its all about Green Jobs here in Nova Scotia : jobs, jobs, jobs.

We buy most of our stuff from factories outside of the province, just as in the past --- but in the past we could at least expect small local repair people to get a crack at repairing the stuff when it got broke.

Increasingly those days are gone - ots repaired by outsiders - or worse - only the dealer gets to repair our stuff and at highway robbery prices.

Compeition and free Enterprise is all about let the small independent repairers to compete on price and speed against the exclusive dealers : keeping everyone honest.

Reducing transportation energy costs by keeping repairs local as much as possible is one of the core values of us greens.

A Right to Repair Act is very much a Green thing to promote..

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