Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Ninety & the Nine Want In

The Ninety and the Nine wants in , not just  to their fair share of the wealth, health & security, but also in providing their fair share of the possible solutions to this planet's human-made problems.

In the upside world we live in today, it is the one that lies safe within the shelter of the fold, safe within the gates of gold and it is ninety and the nine that are out on the wild and windy hills far far away.

It is not just that the one percent controls most of our world's resources.

Worse is that they have the cheek to  further claim they Are in charge of creating the solutions to the world's grave problems  ------ problems that they themselves largely created through that exclusive control tover most of the world's wealth!

                    Diverse Hope     

We face planet-threatening problems and it is going to take the biggest possible Big Tent, a Cabinet of all possible Talents, the ninety and the nine as well as the one, to solve them....

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