Thursday, June 29, 2017

US North/South divide on Global Warming abounds in ironies

The North tier of Americans generally accept that Global Warming is real, is happening and that it will bring harmful - nay lethal - effects.

Albeit that they take this as an article of faith , based on the words of scientists, because they haven't actually seen any hard evidence, with their own eyes, in their own backyards as yet.

By way of pointed contrast, the Southern tier of American states are filled with Republicans totally convinced that Global Warming is a hoax and even if it did exist, it won't cause any harm.

Yet that same South has seen year after year of environmental diseasters that even they must sense, at the gut level, have to be heat related : perhaps even Global Warming related.

Seemingly endless droughts and explosive forests fires.

The repeated invasion of deadly tropical diseases that have extended their range ever northward in the the Southern States as the climate proves too hot for them back in their original equatorial homes.

Southern Republicans have died, in the thousands from excess heat effects and, now,  from once-rare tropical diseases : going to their graves convinced that Global Warming is a total fraud.

Isn't it ironic ? Just too too ironic...

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