Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Why Green Hope ?

This blog represents my efforts to address our society's deepest malaise.
I believe our ever decreasing levels of civic involvement are the direct result of our unwillingness to frankly address today's overwhelming existential threat to our continued existence.

A threat even greater than that which faced us during the darkest days of the Cold War - one that most people back then silently accepted as inevitable. 

But a handful of people publicly challenged that passive assumption and the world slowly turned to their point of view.

Mentally, our society again has buried its head in the sand and just hopes that the threat of global warming is either untrue or will quietly go away.

We are, after all, constantly told that the problem doesn't really exist but that if it does, it is already too far gone now to stop.

Best then to get yourself to the nicest deckchair on the Titanic and just enjoy the view of the incoming icebergs.

I don't agree that we are too far gone - I daily read encouraging news from out of science labs of advances in renewable energy efficiencies.

Truly the fecundity of the unbounded human imagination knows no limits.

The Good News of renewable physical energy advances, to steal a lyric sheet from John, Paul, Matthew,Mark & Luke, will also renew our mental & moral energy and renew our hope.

We simply must work with Nature's ever-renewable diversity, not war against it.

For we shouldn't pretend that WWII's Aryan dream of an European human monoculture was not 'kith and kin' to modern North American visions of an agricultural monoculture.

Human and Nature's diversity is not our enemy --- it is our friend.

So let us vow therefore not to go quietly into that globally warm night, but rather to rage & fight.

Rage perhaps at first among as small a band of individuals as those early CND protestors, but eventually as part of a majority movement.

A movement that says we needn't to just give up at the first sign of adversity.

A movement that proclaims that humanity is not a bunch of quitters, that under the Big Tent of the diversity of the human imagination, there is renewed hope for us all...

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