Monday, July 17, 2017

A honest scientific soul falls in among the band of thieves known as High School science exams....

The problem with High School Science is that it  has never ever been Science - its alway been 'good enough for industry' field-grade engineering.

(Though God help an engineer naive enough to try to navigate anything based on GPS systems built upon high school Newtonian physics).

Asked for the atomic weight of a piece of Tin, woe betide the smart-arse HS student who dared answers 'well that all depends on the results after I weigh it'.

The student would be marked 'wrong', despite the fact that their answer is in fact the correct one because Tin has ten differently weighted stable isotopes and it very much matters what real-world mixture of the ten you are weighing as to the resulting atomic weight.

In fact the 'official' atomic weight of Tin has seemed to be in need of revision every ten years or so for the last century.

The only truthful and useful result of four years spent in High School science is if the student knows less and is certain of less when they leave than when they began.

If we are ever to stop climate change we must begin by stopping current day high school science.

Instead our HS teachers must start telling the kiddies the scientific truth, no matter how complicated and unpredictable and unknowable and uncertain it might be...

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