Saturday, July 22, 2017

"NEW" in the name of the new democratic party old enough to get its CPP : time to retire it ?

As a baby boomer myself I know well our collective delusion that we will be the one and only generation in history never to get old.

A baby boomer institution, the NDP (the new Democratic party), is at least as bad.

Its greying membership always refuses to remove the long-past-its-due-date "NEW" from its name.

And if you're asking, no there was never an old Democratic party the new party was replacing.

Anyway the New Party was truly new once.

That was way back in the Spring of 1958, after the CCF, its actual predecessor, was shattered beyond repair in the twin Diefenbaker victories of 1957 and 1958.

SIXTY years old - old enough for its CPP !

But for God's Sake, that was a lifetime ago - almost sixty years.

Just resign yourself to calling yourselves Democrats aging N-Dippers ----- and get the frack over it.

After all, the Liberals, Conservatives and Greens share their names with dozens of other parties in other countries without having a heart attack - why not share your name with other Democratic parties?

After all the only other New Democracy Party most of us has ever heard of is a Greek party that is far to the right of the American Democrats.

Is that is who you NDPers prefer to hang out with ?

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