Sunday, September 10, 2017

Nix nix term "climate change deniers"

Yes yes, maybe that coal or oil company exec IS busy denying human climate change.

But beyond that - well beyond that - he/she and their company, with all their carbon output, is literally changing the climate itself, before our very eyes.

The current term 'climate change' makes it seem a mere force of nature, something we cant put in a criminal court and send to jail.

Deniers are then merely seen as foolish dupes, denying a simple fact of reality.

call them instead "CLIMATE CHANGERS" - and charge'em with mass-murder

But if we instead call oil execs 'climate changers', we can tie them directly to the changed climate that added those deadly extra 20 miles an hour to our latest series of hurricanes, Harvey and Irma.

The past actions of those oil execs then led to most of those current deaths and destruction.

This is because the destruction force of a hurricane cant be measured by a smooth linear increase as speeds build up and pressure at the core goes down.

For buildings have sudden breaking points and sea walls have finite heights : exceed either by even a little bit and minor damage turns suddenly to total damage and death tolls in the tens of thousands.

We need to start to put some oil execs on trial - for mass murder - before they begin, as a group, to collectively smarten up and do right....

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