Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Renewable Energy, Renewed Hope

We here in the greater Dartmouth area can't simply mope about in the Titanic's spacious deckchairs, wondering whether the fossil fuels will run out before or after the rising ocean waters overruns the last home in the area.

This blog is about mental health : yours, mine, everyones.

Living under the dark dirty clouds of spent fossil fuel is like talking about rope in the home of a man about to be hanged.

If we are a dark, depressed and violent culture there is an existential reason for it, a reason not unlike the nuclear threat that darkened the supposedly sunny 1950s ------- only this time much more certain to come about.

But a serious move among Dartmouth area residents towards creating a healthy, walkable, renewable community will lift all those clouds of fear and doubt and renew our dreams and hopes.

So, yes this is also a blog about hope....

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