Saturday, June 17, 2017

Greens can only promise you more & more HAPPINESS - we can't promise you more and more "Things" & Debt & Worry & War

The GNP is a fantasy for adults with PhDs, a fantasy unlike almost any other : A fantasy of seeing all those nice presents laid out under the tree in December and hoping to never seeing the credit card bills in January.

Its all about either converting economic negatives into positives -  or failing that, ignoring them  by sweeping them under the carpet.

In contrast, the Greens' concept of a Steady State Economy changes its physical output over time, gradually converting bads into goods, rather than merely making more physical outputs (good and bad) : it offers up ever more Happiness, rather than ever more "Things".

All the past's great economists thought long and hard about the inevitable transition from a growing to a steady state economy but sawing as occuring in some far distant future.

That future is upon us - in fact visible in our rear view mirrors.

The time to transit to "more happiness for all"  and less "Things for Some" is now !

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