Saturday, June 17, 2017

only egalitarian FRUGALITY will protect the DIVERSITY securing our HAPPIER Future

Even the Chamber of Commerce hates to see this self-sustaining 'growth'

Agreed, aren't we, that we shouldn't ever use the euphemism of "sustainable" growth when "metastasizing" growth is so much more accurate ?

If the human species insist on taking an ever-growing portion of the world's resources and **celebrating it as a success**, where will that leave the millions of the other species on earth - other than facing the Sixth Mass Extinction ?

Of course, for humanity, we should re-phrase that die-off as also as our very own First Mass Suicide, because if the other species start dying, so do we.

We humans can't breath if those zillions of tiny beings in the ocean start dying and stop releasing oxygen --- and being so sophisticated (insert scarce quotes here) a species, unlike the "primitive" microbes, we can't switch on a dime to a non-oxygen-based metabolism.

Not by any moral pleas about securing the future for our grandchildren (casting pearls at swine) , or by harsh government fiat, our society will eventually voluntarily move to a more frugal attitude about wasting Nature's (and the taxpayers') resources, simply out of naked self interest over concerns about their own contemporary survival.

That's the bad news, but there IS good news, there IS hope.

Because Frugality is just as important in protecting Diversity WITHIN the human species, the diversity of ideas and energy, all the ideas and energy from the ninety and the nine as well as the one, that we as a society need to collectively harness and put to work, if we are to halt and reverse the looming planetary disaster.

But right now, we are in a decidedly anti-Frugality mood : a harkening back to pre-WWII Modernity ideals that life ia endless battle , red in tooth and claw, a survival of the fittest, with the winner getting all the toys and the losers going to the wall.

In the immediate post-WWII world, even the greedy sensed that 'losers' going to the wall literally meant facing a Nazi or Soviet firing squad, and drew back.

Thomas Pinkey has demonstrated that for about 25 years after WWII, the human world was about as egalitarian as it has ever been before or since.

Some of us voluntarily became frugal, deliberately allowing ourselves less so others could have more.

It might be useless (falling on deaf ears) to remind today's humanity that when society was more egalitarian, it was also more cohesive and trusty --- without the sharp distrust and cynicism that marks today's culture.

When more people got a fairer share of humanity's resources, they voted more, they volunteered more, they trusted more.

They are happier then than they are today.

They had a lot less "things" but they also had a lot less debts and a lot less worries.

I believe that Greens are the one party that promises more "happiness", rather than merely promising more "things".

Frugality that protects the Diversity we need to secure a Happier Future is the explanation why humanity STRUCTURALLY needs an egalitarian society, not merely wants it as a normative/moral value....

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