Friday, June 16, 2017

"It's the SUN Wot Lost It"

the infernal SUNshine of the mindless git

On April 11 1992, splashed across the front page of the UK's largest newspaper, the Murdoch-owned SUN, was a soon to be infamous headline.

"Its the SUN Wot Won It"

Pundits, politicians and ordinary people all agreed : most of the readers of the UK's largest paper had followed its advice and voted and voted Tory, resulting in a totally unexpected defeat for the Labour challenger Kinnock.

Move forward to the election of 2017, twenty five years later.

The SUN is still Murdoch-owned, still as rabidly pro-Tory and anti-Labor as ever.

But it is selling less than half the newspapers it used to and calling the sort of people who buy it its 'readers' might be a bit of a stretch.

More than half of them didnt even bother to vote and those that did bother, only half voted Tory.

Bottom line, as Rupert himself would say :

Compared to 1992, only half as many readers, only half who voted and only half of them voted the Tory ticket.

That in a nutshell is why Ms May lost : Britain's once all powerful national newspapers are toothless and gutted.

Irrelevant in elections.

Its FACEBOOK Wot Won It....

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