Saturday, July 15, 2017

"Andrew Scheer, held years in Arab detention camp while Canadian Liberal government does nothing, rightfully wins $10.5 million settlement in Charter Rights case" - the Toronto Sun

Imagine if Canada's Conservative Party leader (born in Canada but whose grandfather was an American Jew) was illegally seized while visiting the Middle East and held in solitary detention and tortured for years on a bogus charge of being a secret Jewish spy for Israel.

While the Trudeau Liberal government did nothing and in fact, abetted in his original seizure.

After the defeat of the Trudeau Liberal government, the new Conservative government secured his release and then paid a out-of-court settlement for Canada violating Scheer's most basic Charter Right.

Would the Toronto Sun be so outraged then ?

So why then is it so upset that another native born Canadian had his basic Charter Rights violated in a similar manner ?

Two reasons I suggest : surprisingly, I believe the fact that this native born Canadian, Omar Khadr, is dark and a Moslem is the unimportant one.

Far far more importantly, this abuse of Khadr's Charter Rights was done on the Conservative government's watch and the Toronto Sun is, if nothing else, than the semi-official voice of the Canadian Conservative party.

Yes Khadr was a soldier who probably killed another soldier and was successfully sued by that soldier's widow for causing his death.

Maybe all soldiers' families in all nations should also do so and the resulting court jam-ups and high societal costs might help bring an end to all wars, but this does not negate the Charter Rights case.

When and why does society intervene on private grievances ?

Governments, not the family affected, take murderers to court, because a single murder threatens all society.

Similarly, a single Charter Right violation by the government of a single citizen, threatens all citizens and governments and not that individual must take the lead in redress....

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