Sunday, July 16, 2017

Why I WASN'T at the Cornwallis Protest

It might be fashionable to portray Edward Cornwallis as a white racist but he was not - instead he was a rabid 'political' Protestant who made a lifelong career to be as ruthless as possible to Catholics - all sorts of Catholics - as was politically required by his bosses.

As a political animal, he in fact, over all, treated the dark catholic natives of Nova Scotia less brutally than he did the white catholic Highlanders of western Scotland --- which is, ironically enough, where the ancestors of some of Nova Scotia's  present day strongest supporters of Edward Cornwallis originally came from!

Cornwallis killed Mik'maq catholics, Acadian catholics, Scottish catholics, French catholics, Austrian Polish and German catholics, probably also Spanish catholics and would have gladly killed Irish catholics if given half the chance.

Lefties and Greens generally are down on traditional western religions, particularly the Roman Catholic church.

Fair enough - Life is a Broad Church - its a free country, etc.

But distorting history by ignoring the general religious dimension to Cornwallis's career because you personally don't like the catholic church is just not on.

Just because bad guys like Hitler, Stalin and Trump did it doesn't make it right for the good guys to do the same.

The world does not revolve around Nova Scotia's butt hole --- Cornwallis was the product of a form of early Globalization we know better as English Protestant Imperialism - he did his evil deeds all over the world and his actions in Nova Scotia are best understood in that context..

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