Sunday, July 16, 2017

most of us not taught classical (Newtonian) science until it was proven untrue

We were taught its simplifying/human dominance-flattering lies because our elites much prefered it to the new (Quantum) science's complex and disagreeable truths.

Hey who am I kidding ?

Unless we reach the heights of being senior undergraduates in math or science, we are still only being taught and tested on classical science and classical math's agreeable lies.

Most of us were not taught even junior high level science until well into the 20th century.

Most of us only began learning of Netwtonian physics, Daltonian chemistry, Darwinian biology and Euclidean math at a point where they were all being replaced in the minds of university science graduates by scientific thought that gives a much greater weight to the true complexity and unpredictabilty of reality.

The popular science of Modernity, by which I mean high school and first year university science (which is all that ninety percent of us ever receive) came in at the same time as free public education itself  in the late 19th century - and was thus was always at increasing odds with published (academic) science.

I can't prove - obviously - that Modernity's imperialism, nationalism, raacism, sexism, Earth-destroying behavior won't of happened without the high school science education that middle class elites had as their sole guide to ethics, economics and reality in modernity's secular age.

But I think it is proveable that less exposure to the influences of high school science made people less  selfish and less domineering of the lifeforms they perceived to be beneath the middle class.

I dont think Hitler Stalin or their tens of millions of supporters would have thought the wicked way they did, acted the  evil way they did, without the influence of their high school teachers.

If that seems a heavy burden to lay upon the past's high school teachers, so be it...

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