Sunday, July 16, 2017

The intimate connection between Fossil Science & Fossil Fuel

Much of the world has been taught, in our public high schools, to regard such 'problems' as the fact that fossil fuels are heating our planet into extinction as something Man and Science can easily solve.

But the classical (Newtonian) science & math that gives us such self confidence was known to be dead, a fossil science, scientifically wrong, even before public high schools began to be widespread from the 1890s onwards.

False "Popular" (high school) Science preferred over the more correct "Published" Science

Nevertheless it was deliberately chosen to be taught (and is still taught today) because in the minds of our elites it was usefully wrong in the right direction ---- while the new science & math replacing it was right in the wrong direction.

Euclid, Newton, Dalton, Lyell, Galton, Darwin - on and on - they all tended to see Reality as really fundamentally simple, beneath its seeming complexity at its surface.

Simple, stable, predictable, knowable, controllable.

The conquerors and dominators of the Modernity Era simply won't have been able to be imperialists, nationalists, racists, sexists,Nazis, Communists, Fascists if they hadn't been so taught.

They would have been largely mentally paralyzed  if they had fully imbibed, in their crucial formative teen years, upon the complexities, uncertainties and ambiguity thrown up by the new science.

(A new science which we will call Quantum Science as a sort of shorthand, much as all classical science & math is often called Newtonian for short.)

I have often in fact wondered if the reform of offering compulsory free public education was indeed a 'reform' at all, or merely a plan modernity elites had to win the working classes over to the elites' more brutal relationship with mother nature and all beings newly re-defined as inferior...

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