Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Global Commensality : frugality promotes diversity to ensure survival

I believe that the Age of Modernity is in its final crisis and the world is about to enter the Age of *Global Commensality.

But then I have to believe that or believe that humanity, in dooming the rest of the lifeforms, is also dooming itself.

We 'takers' can't go on killing the golden goose 'makers'.

We must recognize that all lifeforms on lifeboat earth dine together at a common table, taking in each others' washing.

Or more accurately, by consuming each others' leftovers : oxygen, to take but one example, is a waste product to plankton and plants but vital to humans and other animals -- while our human poop and pee feeds a  widevariety of lifeforms, literally, downstream from us...

* Sure to be shortened to The Age of Commensality, as the underlying concept is better accepted.

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