Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Can't remember the last time when a prominent environmental group really offended our elites ?

How about the last time when a prominent avant-garde artist offended them as well ?

Both are probably too busy writing grant applications --- and too worried about biting the hands that might fed them.

UBC prof Peter Dauvergne , who I have mentioned here in this blog,has spent decades exploring all the depressing ways that protest movements, environmental ones in particular, have let themselves be gradually co-opted by governments, foundations and businesses.

blanding the avant garde

Perhaps it is time for him to look at how our artists -- our theatrical, literary, musical and visual artists -- have also largely ceased to pose any real threat to elite sensibilities.

If mainstream environmental groups ceased offending the powerful by the end of the last century, artists stopped doing so about thirty years earlier.

About the time back in the 1970s when left-wing groups first successfully convinced governments, foundations & businesses to fund, with artist-run councils, the avant garde, rather than suppress them.

It took only a short while for these three groups to see the advantages in doing the same with environmentalists.

So, given the elites' quickening pace at smothering dissent with dollar bills, can IdleNoMore.Inc and BlackLivesMatter.Inc be far behind ?

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