Monday, July 3, 2017

"Frugal Diversity" ensures continued human survival in a changeable and unpredictable Universe

The only true 'makers' turn sunshine & rocks into us 'takers' food

The Greens believe that only voluntary frugality among high consumption human 'takers' , by freeing up more resources for more lower consumption 'makers' (both human and non-human), will sustain the wide variety of diversity so needed for humanity and the planet to survive uncertain and changing conditions.

Lithotrophs and autotrophs are the world's only true 'makers' : they make all the nutrients necessary for life among all the rest of us, out of inorganic rocks or out of inorganic compounds and solar energy.

And don't forget to count oxygen gas that they free up as chief among the key nutrients needed by most lifeforms to survive.

A few others beings are 're-makers' : exclusively surviving by re-cycling the nutrients from  dead microbes, plants & animals that they themselves did not kill.

Only they and the other two types can live without killing living beings for food.

Humans are the biggest single 'taker' species : surviving only by killing animals, plants & microbes for food.

Our appetites are so relentless in seeking unending "more" that we have decided to replace God and worship the deity "endless growth" instead.

In our ceaseless quest for ever more eggs, we are quite happily killing off the golden goose 'makers; that give us those eggs,

And since we also happily reduce biodiversity every chance we get, we are piling all those golden eggs in one slender basket : if we should ever happen to lose that basket, perhaps in some super-storm produced by global warming, we'd be doomed.

Green frugality says that on a finite planet, only if we 'takers' don't voluntarily set some of those finite resources aside for others, we will lose the wide diversity of 'makers' we need to survive in changing conditions.

Bluntly put : practising frugal restraint to ensure continuing diversity among low consuming 'makers' is in the  naked self-interest of us high consuming 'takers'.....

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