Tuesday, July 4, 2017

the metastasizing One Percent : spreading 'cancer' as their metaphor for their mainstream Economics ideology

One percent of one species is totally out of control, consuming ever more of the finite resources of this planet and gradually forcing the rest of us lifeforms towards The Sixth Extinction.

A sixth mass extinction that this time could involve not just many microbe, plant and animal species but also metastasize well into the bottom ninety nine percent of the human species.

And the Enablers for this global disaster, cheerleading from the sidelines ?

The math-shy mainstream economist, who - the arithmetic to the contrary - still believes that you can grow your economy ever larger on into near infinite on a finite planet.

They do so by greatly over-estimate the ease in which you will be able to substitute fusion energy and the transmutation of abundant and worthless over-burden rock for the scarce and precious little ore bodies of minerals contained within.

For it is true, as these mainstream economists say, that the world is filled to the brim with valuable minerals.

The problem is that it is too filled, that those minerals are too well dispersed globally, in the high entropy sense of that word.

But what we really want is that the valuable minerals to be rarely found.

To be concentrated instead in only a few places, to be found in high enough concentrations so as to be useful without requiring more energy to gather them up than they are worth.

A mainstream economist-enabler is best defined as someone who never really grasped the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

So in a sense they don't ever see the planet as a creating a finite limit to ever-upward human economic growth till well into the future, by which they believe that we will have moved on to successfully terra-engineering other colony planets.

The mainstream economist slash one percent metastasizing enablers is thus revealed as a closet 'technological utopian', one on a scale found normally only within the heady Sci Fi conventions of the mid 1940s era...

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