Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I am on the (far) dark green side of Green Partyism

Just as others are on the (far) lite green side of Green Partyism.

No more of this 'on the far left (far right) of the Green Party' nonsense, please : we are our own ideology and are to be judged in relationship to it, not to some old-fashioned 19th century value system.

So, dark Green eh ?

That means that I don't believe - for example - that there should be tax donations for donating to NGOs, of any sort.

Give to the Heart Foundation, Anglican Church or EAC all you want - but without the tax donation.

Ditto to the political parties, donate freely,without a tax donation, but only up to a modest sharp limit.

(Say a upper limit of $1000 per family unit for donations to all provincial and municipal electoral activities over a 4 year election cycle.)

And I think income tax returns should be as public as municipal property taxes are now.

Speaking of municipal taxes: taxes for road services should be by linear footage of road per residential home, and that might do a lot to reduce suburban sprawl.


I suspect that 90+% of the GPNS would find all of this wild talk to be highly heretical....

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