Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Alt-Greens retain sense of outrage that once fueled environmental movement

I can only urge you - again - to read UBS prof Peter Dauvergne's book, ENVIRONMENTALISM OF THE RICH.

When he surveys the state of global environmentalism, Dauvergne sees, to not coin a famous phrase, "A Protest Movement Becalmed".

He doesn't totally dismiss the results thrown up by the warm close relationship that paid environmentalist warriors have developed with their corporate, government and foundation paymasters.

But he warns it isn't enough to save life on this planet.

its time for more alt-Green style thinking

He worries about the loss of the original sense of outrage that fueled the passion of the early years of the environmental movement and that still emerges over protests over pipeline expansions for example.

One does see still see passion and outrage, in movements like Idle No More, Black Lives Matter and the Occupy Movement.

But I would argue that one rarely finds it in the actions of environmentalists with their Green Party hats on - at in areas East of BC.

(It does seem to have paid off in BC though, as people there come to admire a Green Party willing to go to jail to stand up for its convictions.)

In my home province of Nova Scotia, the world's worst culture of secrecy ensures that environmentalists never find out about the worst of fish farming or clear cutting.

But no one here would ever think of engaging in deliberate acts of full on civil disobedience, such as padlocking themselves to an MLA's office door, to protest a provincial FOI Act that even the conservative Herald newspaper labels a national disgrace.

In fact, it seems the Herald has spoken more effectively in defense of the environmentalists fighting this horrible FOI Act than has the GPNS.

With lukewarm friends like that, the province's environment hardly needs enemies...

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