Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Why I believe God DELIBERATELY created happenstance and diversity

Whenever people learn that I consider myself a  rather un-orthodox Christian and a rather un-orthodox Green, they are sure to ask how can I possibly believe in an all-powerful Creator that allows so much happenstance pain and suffering in the world.

I am tempted to ask them in return how an Universe bound instead by unbreakable scientific laws can still end up so chaotic.

But instead I try to answer their question, biting my tongue.

 My approach is to use an analogy, asking them  why on Earth would highly intelligent and sophisticated professors with PHDs in statistics sometimes so enjoy throwing dice at random, with all of the uncertainty as to the results.

I mean by that that I do believe God wasn't always a happy camper.

Being the supreme creator automatically that you feel very lonley up there on top all by yourself.

And knowing all the answers to the questions before the exam is even written is very very boring.

Bored and lonely, God did  somewhat as those demi-god-like professors did .

God used God's awesome LIMITLESS powers to deliberately choose to LIMIT God's insights into some areas of reality.

God, I believe, deliberately created the Universe to be a sort of chaotic arbitary kalidescope machine that endlessly throwing up the unexpected - for God's sheer enjoyment as receiving the unexpected.

Unlike Hitler, God did not see the Universe making mistakes and throwing up defective beings that were being unworthy of life.

They were all creatures of chance, no matter how perfect some seemed on the surface.

Totally chance that a human being's two parents met and mated those two particular eggs and sperms that became their embryo and that their twin chromsones fused together in the arbitary way they did.

Totally chance how the parents' life circumstances and passing cosmic rays, altered that embryo when it was but a few cells in size.

On and on.

But life has survived everything that an arbitary universe threw at , for four billion years, because an arbitary universe also creates the diversity of lifeforms that rise to every new crisis and flourish.

In a very real sense, God created not only all the unexpectedly tough exam questions but also all the unexpectedly apt exam answers as well.

Simply put, our greatest single renewable resource is the diversity of Life itself....

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